Advantages and Disadvantages of Shaving Head [Some Interesting Facts]

Like most activities, a simple head shave also has pros and cons. While shaving the hair, aim isn’t to style the hair or to get a trendy haircut; rather, one intends to remove all the hair on the head.

So now the question is when to shave your head? The decision of shaving your head may arise for various reasons, such as health complications, hair loss, removal of damaged hair, colored hair, styled hair, and other compelling factors.

disadvantages of shaving head

The decision of shaving head dramatically impacts a person’s overall appearance or outlook. That’s why the question immediately comes to your mind is should i shave my head?

Hence, you should know the pros and cons of shaving head and take proper care and consideration before shaving the head.

Benefits of Shaving Head

As strange as it may look or seem, the benefits of shaving your head are quite a lot. You had no idea, right?

Let us quickly look at some of the advantages of shaving the head. They include:

  1. Easy Washing

 While full hair or locks may be beautiful, it is no secret that they are not the easiest things to wash. With no hair on head, it is possible to touch all the nooks and crannies of the head when washing. 

  1. Fewer Things to Bother About

Have you ever had to scramble to groom your hair while hurrying out for an appointment or some other event? It can be annoying, isn’t it? You don’t have to worry about all the hassles of combing or styling your hair if it is clean-shaven. You should probably ask Vin Diesel when he last had to search for his comb.

  1. Shorter Time Spent Bathing

When grooming a full hair, you will more likely spend a longer period bathing than you would if you had no hair.

  1. You Spend Less on Maintaining a Shaved Head

You probably just spend money on hair creams and sunscreens with a shaved head. However, when you trim your hair, you frequently spend money at the barber’s; you also spend money on hair products such as gels, creams, sprays, and other things to maintain your hair.

  1. You are Less Likely to Accumulate Germs and Dust on Your Head

A full hair traps dust, pathogens, and germs more quickly than a shaved head. This means that the risk of getting lice or dandruff is lower with a shaved head.

  1. Shaving Head Makes You Look Younger

With age comes hair loss, but with a clean shave, the loss of hair is perfectly hidden, making one appear younger than their actual age.

  1. Shaving Accentuates Other Attractive Aspects of Your Face Which Your Hair Has Shrouded

You may have very beautiful eyes, a nice head shape, and other nice features on your face, but your hair is more likely to steal all the attention. Pretty greedy, isn’t it?

Disadvantages of Shaving Head

Having talked about the advantages of shaving the head, we will now discuss why you shouldn’t shave your head bald.

Some of the major reasons are:

  1. Removal of the Head’s Protective Covering

Apart from its aesthetic functions, the hair actively protects the head. You want to ask, how? Don’t you? During the blistering heat of the summer, the hair protects the head from sunburn and UV rays, while during the cold of winter, it traps air (which is an insulator) around the head, thus keeping you warmer.

  1. A Dry Scalp

 When you shave your head, you inadvertently remove layers of skin from your head. Also, the hair that holds onto the sebum (natural oils in the skin) is gone, making the scalp prone to dryness.

  1. Unwanted Attention From Everyone

 Shaving the head is a radical change from what everyone is used to, so unless you have been shaving your head for a while, you should get prepared for the rain of questions that will follow the decision.

  1. It Can Get Boring

While it can be initially amusing to shave your head bald, it can get boring when you discover that the liberty to style your hair or get the trendy haircut you desire has been taken away from you.

black bald people
  1. Exposure of Head Shape

You might not be aware of the shape of your head as you have never shaved your head since your childhood. The unpleasant shape of the head will be exposed to everyone as soon as you get shaved. 

  1. Need to Maintain A Routine

As you know, hair keeps growing consistently so a smooth bald head is not going to be there for a long time. If you don’t like the stubble, you have to shave the head regularly to keep it stubble free. 

FAQs About Head Shaving

There are some frequently asked questions that people use in weighing the pros and cons of shaving head. Some of them include:

 Is Shaving Your Head Good for Your Hair?

There are many benefits of a shaved head for the body; the advantages cover the hair too.

When your hair strands have been altered or damaged through relaxers, gels, dyes, application of heat, and other hair altering methods, shaving your hair may be the best way to start over. Otherwise, shaving does not affect the hair.

Can Shaving Stop Hair Fall?

Yes. If the hair on your head falls off due to the adverse effect of chemicals on your hair, you should probably shave everything off and give yourself a clean slate.

However, if your hair fall is a result of aging, you won’t be able to stop hair fall by shaving your head, but you may want to embrace the idea of a clean-shaven head as it completely hides hair fall while making you look younger.

Does Shaving Head Remove Dandruff?

No, but it helps. Dandruff can be difficult to remove on an unshaved head; shaving removes the hair on the head, protecting the dandruff-causing fungi and making it easier to apply shampoo and other lotions.

Also, exfoliation is one of the positive side effects of shaving head, as it removes some layers of skin from the scalp’s surface, thus speeding up the process of treatment.

If I Shave My Head, Will it Grow Back Differently?

No. This myth has no evidence in science. Shaving does not affect hair growth. It does not affect color or texture, nor does it make you look older.

Does Shaving Your Head Make Your Hair Grow Thicker?

No. The assumption that hair grows thicker after shaving is false. Also, hair loss due to aging is not deterred by shaving the hair.

Does Shaving Your Head Bald Get Rid Of Lice?

It is important to note that shaving your head bald itself cannot eradicate all the lice in the hair, but is a good starting point when battling lice.

Lice don’t cause hair fall, but their activities degrade the scalp resulting in hair loss. After shaving, make sure you use a reliable method such as asphyxiation with petroleum jelly or butter before allowing your hair to grow back.

The Bottom Line

That’s all there is to it. Some of the most compelling advantages and disadvantages of having a shaved head have been discussed. The pros appear to outnumber the cons, but it’s not really about numbers, is it?

Hair removal on the head has a significant impact on appearance. As a result, if you want to get a clean shave for your head, you should be well-informed, so you don’t do it for the wrong reasons.