Can You Flush Razor Blades? [What If Not!]

You are facing issues with the razor blades in disposing of them, right? For this purpose, I guess, you are looking for a proper solution. Hence, a vital question is can you flush razor blades?  

The straightforward answer is that you can’t flush razor blades. If you do so, many potential issues can arise. The blade can get stuck down into your toilet. Consequently, you may face various issues. 

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However, you have to be concerned while flushing, throwing away, or disposing of razor blades to prevent these issues. And you can move through with some safe methods to dispose of and recycle the blades.

Interestingly, this article will inform you about all of these factors deeply. 

So, let’s start to learn. 

Can You Flush Razor Blades Down The Toilet? 

A common question can arise after using the blades for numerous daily activities: what to do with old razor blades? And before determining a specific disposing method, you may think to flush it down the toilet. 

But it is not an excellent idea at all. You should not flush them into the toilet. And you need to remember that you are responsible for making the proper disposition of used blades. 

Besides numerous hazardous issues, our environment will be polluted because of an unplanned and unreliable disposing system of razor blades. 

Can You Throw Away Razor Blades?

We can’t imagine a day without razor blades. For smooth and effortless shaving, razor blades’ importance can’t be ignored. But the question is, where to throw away razor blades? 

Throwing away razor blades is a worse idea. Most importantly, a regular used normal bin is not the proper place for throwing razor blades. So, you should not throw them away carelessly.

On the contrary, the razor blades can remain sharp even after using them. So, significant harm can happen if you throw them away. 

Possible hazards 

Careless throwing of razor blades can cause many unwanted and dangerous issues. Among them, some common factors are mentioned below. 

  • Steeping on the blades
  • Cutting the legs
  • Pets may eat the blades and face a threatening situation. 
  • Children can play with them and fall into an accident. 
  • Polluting the environment

How To Throw Away Razor Blades? 

Though throwing away is not a good idea in the case of razor blades, you may need to do it in some cases. But you must be concerned and maintain safety measurements for this purpose. 

At first, wrap the used razor blades with newspaper. Then, use tape to secure the newspaper with the sharp end of the blades. And then you can throw them into a daily used bin. 

But some razor blades come with plastic materials. So if you dispose of them carelessly, they can pollute the environment. Hence, you have to walk with the recycling process in case of these blades. 

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How to Dispose of Razor Blades? 

Razor blades are a hazardous waste as they come from metal. Hence, you need to dispose of the blades in a planned and proper manner. Notably, if you can move through strategically, the disposing process will not be insensitive at all. 

Several methods are available in this case. Among them, recycling razor blades, placing them in the black cart, throwing them into the trash with proper wrapping, etc., are common. 

However, let’s talk about different methods of disposing of razor blades. 

Method 01: Recycle Safety Razor Blades

Blades that come with a full metal body can be recycled easily. DE blade is such kind of safe blade that is made with metal. So, after using double edge razor blades, you have to send them for recycling. 

For this purpose, you should find out a local place where blades can be recycled. After that, collects all of your used razor blades and send them to the authority for recycling. 

By doing this perfectly, you will be able to save the environment from pollution. At the same time, many potential accidental situations will be tackled. 

Method 02: Use Medicine Cabinet With Razor Blade Slot 

Without throwing the blades anywhere, you can use a medicine cabinet. It will allow you to dispose of the used blades safely. So, try to get a medicine cabinet with razor blade slot. 

Interestingly, you will find a small slot on the back of the medicine cabinet. And you just need to put the blade into that slot after using it. It is considered one of the best methods of disposing of razor blades. 

But you must remember that, following this method, you can’t dispose of all types of razor blades. Only these blades are eligible for disposing of in this way that is super sharp and can be installed into the razor’s handle. 

Method 03: Use Razor Blade Sharp Containers

A sharp container is another excellent thing in case of disposing of the used blades. For this purpose, you have to get a sharp container. Then, put the container in the safest place of your house beyond children and pets. 

Then, store the used razor blades in the sharp container. After keeping a large number of blades, you can send them for recycling or to the local disposal site. 

Most importantly, some old houses hold a blade slot where you can store the blades easily. So, as an alternative to the sharps container, you can use the old house razor blade slot as well. 

Method 04: Razor Blade Bank 

You can simply use a blade bank if you can’t find a razor blade slot, sharp container, or medicine cabinet. A blade bank can be an unused box where you can store used blades. 

However, you must make sure that the box is sealed strongly. Furthermore, you must keep the bank away from children and pets. 


Razor blades can get stuck on the pipes of the toilet. As a result, a blockage will be created, and you may face numerous difficulties. So, the answer to can you flush razor blades will be “no” in a word. 

As an alternative to flush, you can simply use other disposing of methods such as using a slotted compartment, keeping in an old case, setting a blade disposal tin, etc. 

However, all the mentioned methods can perform very well in disposing of the used razor blades. So, you can take any of them without hesitation. Now, think seriously about disposing of the used blades to prevent accidental issues. 

Good luck! 

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