Do Foil Shavers Give A Close Shave? [Close Shave Guideline]

Foil shavers are electric shavers that cut hair using blades that oscillate at high frequencies and move sideways behind a foil guard. This small sheet of aluminum foil shields the skin from direct blade contact and ensures little skin contact when shaving.

Foil shaver’s design allows them to get near enough to the skin to provide a flawless close shave without damaging your skin. Foil shavers are the best electric shavers if you consider the closeness of shaving.

foil shaver close shave

Features To Be Considered For A Close Shavers

Choosing a close shave electric razor might not be as easy as it seems because these devices are made to certain specifications, and choosing the wrong one may not give the desired result. When going for a clean slide shave, there are certain things to look out for to get the best result.

Some of them are listed below:

  • Closeness of razor blade to the skin

The razor blade must have the ability to go close enough to skin to cut the beard from root. Manual razors are best for this as the whole blade remains in contact with the skin. But manual razors like safety razors or straight razors have their own drawbacks specially in case of sensitive skin.

  • Frequency of oscillation 

Due to a powerful motor, the best foil electric razors have blades that oscillate at around 14,000 cycles per minute (CPM). It’s only fair that shaving with an electric razor that rotates at 7,000 CPM produces a mediocre outcome.

  • Ease of use 

Using an easy-to-use and comfortable razor helps you get close and deliver the actual number and pattern of strokes for a clean shave.

  • An overall good shaving unit

A good combination of sharp blades and souls of the perfect thickness (not too thick or thin) can make a big difference in getting a clean, close shave.

Do Foil Shavers Leave Stubble?

do foil shavers give a close shave

Well, the straightforward answer should be NO. Normally foil shavers do not leave any stubble.

If you want a fully hairless face, you might want to explore foil shaving. Foil shavers provide a very smooth shave, and when used in conjunction with the proper shaving technique, the results could be amazing.

High-quality foil shavers are soft on the skin, giving you more flexibility in the amount of pressure you may apply without damaging it. This, in turn, has an impact on shaving quality.

Later in this post, we’ll go over the best approach to shaving your face stubble-free.

How Close Do Foil Shavers Shave?

Foil shavers can get as close to your skin as you need it to be. The foils cover the blade and protect the skin from direct contact with them while making sure they are not too thick so as to obstruct the shaving process. While the use of shaving cream is not necessary, it gives you a closer shave than when dry shaving is practiced.

There are various features in foil electric shavers that makes them able to give a close shave. Some of them include:

  1. Varying patterns 

Each foil on a foil shaver has a variable pattern designed to eliminate hair in a single stroke.

  1. Direction of shaving

Foil shavers were created to cut hair in a straight path, making sideburns and mustaches easier to reach.

  1. Basic design 

Foil shavers’ fools are thinner than rotary shavers’ metal combs, reducing the physical barrier between the skin and the blade. Hair of all lengths is allowed to enter the shaver by the fools, who then cut it with the razors hidden behind the foils.

Foil Vs Rotary Shavers- Which One Shaves The Closest?

Since the introduction of the two devices, there has been a debate about which is the superior alternative between foil and rotary shavers, especially since they are the two main types of electric shavers.

We would not be seeking to reach a decisive conclusion in the dispute. We would, however, provide some insight into which of the two designs provides a closer shave and why they can do so.

We are more inclined to assert that foul shavers can provide a closer shave than rotary shavers after closely examining the mechanisms by which both shavers operate. Some of the reasons are the same as those highlighted when looking at the closeness of foil shaving.

  1. Direction of cutting 

Foil shavers were designed to cut hair with vertical or horizontal motions. This offers more precision and closeness than the circular motions for which rotary shavers were designed.

  1. Presence of varying patterns on each foil  

This enables the electric razor to cut various hair types.

  1. Frequency of oscillation 

Foil shavers have far more frequent blade oscillations than rotary shavers. This means that a single, properly pressured stroke will be more effective.

foil vs rotary shaver closer

Tips For a Close Shave

Finding fragments of hair on the skin after numerous shaving strokes can be frustrating for individuals who wish to remove the stubble from their face completely, especially when in a hurry, when the shaver’s motor begins to heat up, or for any other cause.

So, here are some suggestions for shaving with an electric razor and getting a clean, close shave without further ado.

  1. Use shaving cream

 Most electric shavers have the ability to both ‘wet’ and ‘dry’ shave. However, this does not mean that the end product will be the same. If you apply a shaving cream about 5 minutes before shaving, the hairs absorb moisture and swell. This makes it easier to cut them close.

  1. Shave against the grain

This simply refers to shaving in the opposite direction of hair growth. This procedure makes hair strands stand upright before being trimmed down. This helps to prevent ingrown hairs and allows for a more precise shave.

  1. Shave using the right technique

Shave in straight lines, either vertically or horizontally, if you’re using a foil shaver. If you’re using a rotary shaver, shave in circular motions for the best results.

  1. Shave sensitive areas first 

One major drawback of foil shavers is their tendency to heat up after a while. Bearing this in mind, you might want to shave the sensitive areas first while the shaver is still cool.

  1. Use a trimmer if necessary 

If you have long hairs, you should first trim them using a trimmer before using your shaver.

Final note: 

The foil shaver is a unique technology that tries to give you a razor-sharp shave while protecting your skin from the blades. These devices’ basic design and function allow for the best close shave with an electric razor one can get.

However, the shaver cannot do all the work; there are some tricks to utilize to help you achieve better results; these tricks have been detailed above. Also, the next time you’re comparing the abilities of foil shavers and rotary shavers, bear in mind that when it comes to delivering a clean close shave, foil shavers have the upper hand.

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