Do You Use Shave Gel With Electric Shaver? [Wet Shaving Guideline]

Can you use shaving cream with an electric razor? The answer is yes. When using electric shavers, it is possible to shave with or without shaving cream.

In addition, electric razors, unlike manual razors, are designed in such a way that the risk of getting cut while shaving is greatly reduced. Still, it would be helpful to consider the benefits and drawbacks of wet and dry shaving. 

shaving cream with electric razor

While dry shaving is generally faster and less expensive than wet shaving, it is more likely to result in razor bumps, ingrown hairs, burns, and cuts. Yes, cuts. While the chances of being cut with an electric razor are low, they are not non-existent.

Wet or Dry Shave With Electric Razor?

You may opt for either dry or wet shaving with an electric razor as they’re both similar. However, the processes vary slightly due to the presence or absence of a moisturizing gel or liquid on the surface to be shaved.

Earlier generations of electric shavers were not designed to use shaving cream because their razors were not designed to handle moisture. However, more recently, electric razors that can function either for dry shaving or wet shaving have been introduced, and for this type of variety, it is safe to use shaving cream with electric razor. 

Wet Shaving With Electric Razor- All You Need to Know

Wet shaving is a method of shaving off hair very close to wet or moisturized skin. Wet skin can be achieved by applying shaving lotion or gel or warm water. 

A wet shave is better for the least risk of getting aftershave irritations and closeness.

The following tips can help you have a perfect shaving experience with an electric razor:

  1. Clean your face: This is a step which is necessary to remove the dirt, dead cells, and sebum present on your face.
  2. Make sure you use only a thin layer of watery lather: If your lather is not watery enough or too thick, it may clog the shaver. It may also create a barrier between the razor and the skin, so you won’t be able to get a very close shave
  3. Massage the shaving lotion into the surface to be shaved and leave it for at least 3 minutes before shaving: The alkaline components in the shaving cream help soften the hair cuticle, making the shaving process easy and smooth.
  4. While shaving, shave against the grain: This helps to ensure an effective shave.
  5. Ensure your razor’s battery is at least about 50% charged: The functionality of a device tends to be reduced when it is running low, so it is necessary to ensure that the battery is at least around mid-range before attempting to use it.
  6. Shave fast, as the motor will heat up after a while: The shaver’s motor heats up after some time, so you might want to be a little quick with your shaving to avoid discomfort.
  7. Make sure to apply aftershave treatment: This process tends to reduce the risk of aftershave rashes and moisturizes the skin after a shave.
  8. Ensure you clean the shaver and thoroughly lubricate it after each use: A well-maintained razor will last longer than a device that is treated shabbily. The same is true for electric shavers, so clean and lubricate them often to keep them in top condition.
clean shave with electric razor

How to Clean Electric Razor After Wet Shaving

It is necessary to clean the electric razor during and after each shave to eradicate the hair, shaving cream and skin cells.

To clean your wet shaver, you might want to follow these tips:

  1. Remove the battery or disconnect it from the external power source if it uses a plug.
  2. Pull off the foil cover (or open the cover if you use a rotary shaver)
  3. Lightly brush off the debris you find.
  4. If your razor is waterproof, replace the cover and run the razor under some water.
  5. Apply some soap or detergent and run the razor for a couple of seconds before rinsing it again.
  6. After rinsing, disassemble the razor again (remove the cover) and let all the components dry off.
  7. Your electric shaver may not be waterproof. In this case, spray the foil and blades with your preferred cleaner.
  8. You may apply alcohol spray to disinfectant your lovely shaver
  9. Let the razor dry out before you reassemble it.
  10. After cleaning it, you should also consider lubricating your shaver to keep it in perfect condition.
how to clean shaver blades

6 Tips to Get a Good Shave With Electric Razor

You may be in a hurry to get a shave and not have the luxury of time to do a wet shave. You can still carry out a nice dry shave using the following tips:

  1. Prepare the surface: You should wash your face and neck with an exfoliating gel or clean the surface with soap and warm water. Warm water softens and plumps the hair, making it ready for shaving.
  2. Shave long hairs with a trimmer or cuticle scissors if you haven’t shaved in a while: Electric razors were built to cut only short hair, so you need to trim your face before getting a shave. If not, your razor may become clogged and need to be replaced.
  3. Make sure the battery is fully charged: to avoid unnecessary interruptions and, in some instances, embarrassment.
  4. Keep pressure light to avoid nicks and cuts: Do not apply too much pressure while shaving, as it may leave your skin with little cuts, which can be irritating and painful.
  5. Move the razor slowly against the direction of hair growth: This is done to raise hair strands for easy cutting.
  6. Be sure to use an aftershave that doesn’t contain alcohol: Wash the face with cold water after shaving, then apply an alcohol-free balm or cream.


A wet shave is not necessarily superior to a dry one. However, it does edge it out a little because it allows for more closeness to the skin, meaning the hair gets cut to a shorter length, increasing the period between successive shavings.

Also, it is less likely to cause nicks and cuts than dry shaving. Having said that, we can’t always be in control of the circumstances surrounding the sort of shaving to be carried out. Hence, a good knowledge of these shaving techniques can come in handy.