How And Where To Recycle Old Electric Shavers? [Disposal Method]

Electric shavers just like every other product, do not have eternity to last. One way or the other, one time or other, it gets old and stops working. It can break down or you just get another one.

To a lot of people, electric shavers get old when they can no longer serve for an expected duration which is usually a long time. For example; three consecutive uses before it gets slower or a week without changing its batteries. Another reason could be that it can not live without its plugged-in wire, that is, for plug-in only electric shaver.

Electric shavers like every product, are old but it is not the end. In this article, there is information on a lot of things that can happen to your old electric shaver. Keep reading.

recycle electric shaver

How To Dispose Of Old Electric Shavers?

  • If you use an AA battery-powered electric shaver, remove the battery and dispose of the rest as garbage in the waste bin. This is because rechargeable batteries contain hazardous materials [alkaline] and can cause fire when placed in the garbage.
  • Electric shavers that do not use batteries [rechargeable or non-rechargeable] but can be plugged in only can be placed in the trash bin. Nevertheless, you should do away with the wire by cutting it off and taking it to the sites for household hazardous waste collections for free.
  • You can dispose of an old electric shaver by taking it to electronics recycling locations. This can be done by searching for a company online that accepts electric razors and then mailing them in.
  • Another way to dispose of old electric shavers is to sell them. If you have taken perfect and good care of your electric razor and need a few dollars, you can try pawning it at a pawn shop.

Where To Donate Used Electric Razors?

There are several places where you can donate your electric razors for recycling, a few of them are;

• Goodwill:

• Salvation army:

• Ruth’s reusable resources:

• Community Swap Shop

Frequent Asked Questions [FAQs]

What Can I Do With An Old Electric Shaver?

It is most preferred not to throw old electric shavers away, old or not. Electric shavers can be recycled due to their use of batteries, circuit boards, and electric motors. These body parts have in their composition, toxic heavy metals such as lead which can be recycled into a car battery or pencil, and mercury which can also be used in a Thermometer.

Do Electric Shavers Wear Out?

Yes, they do. Practically, there is nothing that does not wear out from being used consistently and an electric shaver is one of the many things that does. Wearing out can be caused by the coarseness of the hair of the person and when it is not cleaned immediately after use which can affect the sharpness of the razor blade.

Signs that accompany this; skin irritation after shaving, spots missed after shaving, and excessive friction of the electric shaver against the skin.

How Long Does An Electric Shaver Last?

As recommended by most brands that electric shavers, foils, and blades should be changed every 12-18 months to keep on the performance of your electric shaver. Putting into consideration that a large number of men shave daily, the blades and foil of electric shaves dull with consistent use. Therefore, an electric shaver lasts about 18 months at the maximum.

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Final Note.

Products like electric shavers are best recycled than thrown away. It could save the cost of purchasing another one for the consumer and the cost of producing another one for the producer. The point is that recycling has an end-to-end advantage- Producer and consumer.

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