How Do Foil Shavers Work? [Advantages of Foil Shaver]

Shaving is important in our society today, as it is inevitable for every man who wants to look perfect. Even if you’re not shaving the whole beard, you can still decide to create a clean edge around your classy beard to look perfect.

In the same way, people found it difficult to shave without having cuts, and skin irritation amongst others, which are mostly the result of shaving tools. That is why there is constant development in the production of a variety of shavers which can help to minimize skin irritation and others. Among these, foil shaver is one of them.

electric foil shaver for men

Reading this article further will help you to understand foil shaver meaning and its uses.

What is A Foil Electric Shaver?

A foil electric shaver is an electric shaver made with oscillating blades for cutting and scraping hair. This oscillating is beneath a foil and it’s also known as cutters. The shaver foil captures the hair with its hole, cutting it close to the skin and offering a close shave without pulling hair.

Use of shaving cream is not necessary when using a foil shaver but if you want wet shaving, you can use cream or gel to get a close shave.

What is A Foil Shaver Used For?

Every shaver has its specific uses and benefits that differentiate them from another, though the result of all is to shave hair. In the same way, a foil shaver can be used for several things. Here, you will understand what foil shaver is used for

  • Shaving Beard

Nothing wonder, the main uses of a foil shaver is to shave beard. Now a days, foil shavers are considered to be the best shavers among all other types.

  • Trimming Sideburns

A foil shaver can perfectly be used to trim your sideburns. You don’t need to stress yourself when using it. It will trim the hair and make it look more attractive.

  • Trimming Mustaches

A foil shaver can also trim your mustaches easily since it is shaped in a straight line

  • Shaving Head

There are many advantages as well as some disadvantages of shaving head. Though foil shaver is specifically designed for facial hair but still, you can use a foil shaver on your head if the hair is short.

How Do Foil Shavers Work?

Working principle of a foil shaver is different from other electric shavers like a rotary shaver. Therefore, before you order and start using it, you need to understand how it works.

Once you switch on the foil shaver and place it on your skin, the ultra-thin metal layer that covers the blade surface ( foil ) will trap the hairs immediately and the vibrating blades will cut them easily. The metal layer has holes that help it to trap the hairs easily and once the hairs are lifted and straightened at the same time, the blade will cut them.

Also, the foil will protect your skin and allow the smooth cutting of hairs without pulling.

How to Use A Foil Shaver?

A foil shaver is one of the electric shavers that can perfectly give you a close shave but to achieve this, you need to understand the technique involved in using it. For perfect understanding, the step by step process would be grouped into three (3) stages which are: Preparation, Shaving, and Aftercare


  • Apply shaving oil

This may not be necessary since the foil shaver can still shave without its application but, it will be easier and will allow the smooth movements of the foil shaver against the contours of your skin to prevent skin irritation and razor burn

  • Apply shaving cream

You can also apply shaving cream before using a foil shaver also. This might not be necessary but it can help in preventing cuts and burns


  • Straight strokes

You need to understand that anytime you’re shaving with a foil shaver, it should be a straight stroke either left to right or up to down not circular movements like a rotary shaver.

  • Stretch your skin

You can use your hand to stretch your skin to make the shaving looks smoother and remove hidden hairs


For the best possible treatment, these are expected of you after you have finished shaving with a foil shaver

Foil Shaver vs Safety Razor, Which One is Better?

Both foil shaver and safety razor has distinctive qualities that differentiate them from another. However, the selection between the two categories is based on individuals’ preferences and priorities. Since the result of both is to shave and give a good look to the user

Here, you will understand why the majority prefer a foil shaver to a razor

01. Time saver

In comparison with a razor, foil shaver can save time. The majority prefer using a foil shaver because they found it difficult to spend a lot of time shaving

02. No wetting or lathering

You don’t need to apply shaving cream before you started using a foil shaver in comparison with a razor. Also, the majority prefer a dry shave to a wet shave.

03. Less cut or nick

It’s not impossible to have a cut or nick using a foil shaver to a razor, but the chance is very low. That’s why it is suitable for sensitive skin having acne and pimples.

04. The use of a trimmer

Foil shaver is designed with a trimmer which you can use to square your sideburns while you won’t be able to do that with a razor

foil shaver vs razor

How to Clean Foil Shaver?

You need to clean your foil shaver immediately after use to prolong its lifespan and prevent bacteria from building up. Following this step by step process will help you in cleaning up your foil shaver effectively

Step 01: Rinse the shaving head

The first thing to do is to remove the shaving head from the blade by pressing the release button. Then, tap the shaving head on the sink to remove the remaining hairs ( don’t hit the foil on a hard surface, it can get damaged easily). To perfect this, allow water to run over the shaving head for almost 30 seconds then move to the foil blade

Step 02: Rinse the foil blade

Follow the normal process by allowing the running water to force out the leftover hairs on the blade. Make sure the foil blade is turned upside down to prevent the water to get into the unit

Step 03: Use a spray cleaner

You can spray the foil blade with a spray cleaner to prevent rust and bacteria from building up. Alcohol spray could be used for disinfecting the shaver.

Step 04: Use a clean towel

You have to dry off the moisture with a clean towel. Don’t wipe the foil with a towel but lightly touch it with a towel instead

Step 05: Allow air to dry it off completely

Before putting the blade and foil together, you have to leave them in an open place where sir can dry them off completely. You can now store it in a cool and dry place after

The Final Word

Finally, make sure you charge your foil shaver often to prevent the battery from being completely drained. Moreover, for safety precautions, don’t plug in the cord when you’re shaving

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