How To Clean Electric Razor With Alcohol [All You Need to Know]

Electric razors are a must-have thing for most males nowadays. It not only gives you the flexibility to use it but also provides freedom to maintain your look just as you want

But to avoid any infections or to keep the blade rust-free, cleaning or disinfecting electric razors is very important.

So, as a user, you should know how to clean electric razor with alcohol. You must know the barbers use rubbing alcohol to clean the shaver. Rubbing alcohol is nothing but isopropyl alcohol used as electric razor cleaners.

can you clean an electric razor with alcohol

However, here I’m going to cover every aspect of cleaning an electric razor in a proper way. So, stay with this article till the end to explore them all.

Importance of Cleaning Razor Blades With Alcohol

No doubt that using a dirty or rusted razor can increase the possibility of accidents while shaving. Besides, it can cause severe infection if you don’t clean your razor after using it.

That was about your skin and health. But there is more about maintaining the razor in a good condition. If you don’t clean it properly, there can be hair, dirt, and other residues on the blade.

And eventually, it will hamper the condition of your favorite razor. It may even result in a reduction of razor’s lifespan.

So, to make the best out of it, cleaning the razor regularly is something you should not avoid at all. 

There are so many ways to clean it. Using alcohol is widely popular for this purpose. With this, here comes the next topic,

Is Alcohol Best Way to Clean Electric Razor?

electric razor brush

In short, using alcohol is the easiest way to clean electric razors. Though you can clean it with normal water or sterilize a razor with steam, alcohol gives the best result indeed.

Isopropyl alcohol which is mostly known as rubbing alcohol is used basically. Most manufacturers of electric razors recommend 70% isopropanol to get the best output. In fact, it can kill germs within seconds.

But sometimes, using too much alcohol can reduce the quality of stainless steel blades. So, avoid overusing it.

Does Alcohol Sanitize or Disinfect a Razor Blade?

Alcohol is great for cleaning germs and dirt. You must have seen that every sanitizer and cleaning solution contains alcohol. 

As I mentioned above, a 70% rubbing alcohol solution which means, a solution of isopropyl alcohol and water in a 70/30 ratio can serve the best.

But in most cases, any ratio of alcohol from 60-90% can serve the purpose of disinfecting an electric razor.

Hence, to use alcohol for cleaning razors, you should follow some steps properly. Let’s focus on those steps now,

How to Clean an Electric Shaver [Step by Step

To clean, you can use either an electric shaver spray cleaner or just an alcohol solution. But whichever you use, try to maintain the following instructions:

  • Disconnect Power:

Don’t forget to turn your razor off and of course, disconnect it from the power supply before performing any cleaning job.

  • Remove Hair and Dirt

Make sure most of the hairs stuck in the blade or razor are drained out. You can keep the razor on for a while to make that happen. 

how to clean electric shaver head
  • Use brush

You can use a brush to remove any remaining stubble. In most razors, a brush is provided inside the box.

  • Rinsing With Alcohol

After this, if you are using alcohol, then rinse the razor with an alcohol solution for about 5-10 minutes. This will kill the infectious germs on the blades.

  • Drying

The next step is to dry it properly. The good news is you need not take hassles with this because the alcohol will go off automatically. All you need to do it to keep it in a dry place with proper air circulation.

You can use water instead of alcohol for daily cleaning. But once in a week, using alcohol to clean razor heads would be wiser.

Some common FAQs

What Kind of Alcohol Should You Use to Clean Electric Razors?

Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol is best to use. A solution of 70% alcohol and 30% water can serve the best.

Can You Use Hand Sanitizer to Disinfect an Electric Razor?

Well, most hand sanitizer contains alcohol within the range that is suitable to disinfect germs on razor blades. So, yes, you can use hand sanitizers, but some hand sanitizer may contain other chemical like moisturizer, color and fragrant which could be a problem for your razor. That’s why using rubbing alcohol would be the best decision.

hand sanitizer on razor blades

How Often Should You Sanitize Your Electric Razor?

You should clean your electric razor after every shaving. Though it’s not necessary to use rubbing alcohol after shaving every time, once a week would be good enough.

Can You Get An Infection From a Dirty Electric Razor?

Sometimes while shaving, you can cut your chin or other areas that are complex to shave. In that case, a dirty razor can cause severe infection if not handled properly.

How Long Do You Soak Your Razor in Alcohol?

Actually, it only takes seconds to kill the germs on razors for 70% alcohol solutions. But to make sure, you can rinse or soak the razor for up to 5-10 minutes according to the requirement.

Does Alcohol Rust a Blade?

Using a bit of alcohol to clean the razor from time to time may not rust the blade. But rinsing it for too long or continuously keeping it in alcohol can damage the metal of the blades.

Final Verdict

Electric razors are undoubtedly making our life easier. But any negligence about keeping it clean and rust-free can damage it permanently. 

Using isopropyl alcohol in the proper way is the best solution for cleaning an electric razor. And so, in this article, we have brought up a step by step process about how to clean an electric razor with alcohol.

In some models like the Norelco, there is a special cleaning mode. So, cleaning the Norelco razor is easy just like cleaning Braun shavers.

Try to clean it after every use even with water. And to get the best result after 4 or 5 uses, try to disassemble the whole razor, clean it with alcohol and then assemble it again.