How to Shave an Elderly Man [Shaving Guide With Safety Tips]

Everyone knows that one nice trim, cut or a simple hairdo makes the total difference in feeling comfortable and confident. For elderly men, a clean shave is always a nice boost to their looks and feeling of agility. Think of it as a time where they feel among and modern.

how to shave an elderly man

While growing men measure their independence by how clean their shave is, aging gradually replaces this skill with dependence on someone to help them get a clean shave. This is usually because of the decline in their health and fitness and also the frailty of becoming a senior citizen.

Shaving Among Elderly Men [Shaving Procedure]

An elderly man has more trouble getting a clean shave than finding his lost glasses sitting right on the bridge of his nose. Over time most senior citizens begin to rely on their families and caregivers to get things done including a clean shave. Although, they may insist, but when your loved one begins to sustain frequent cuts, you know it’s time to step in.

So, if you are that family member or caregiver preparing to shave a senior citizen, here are a few things you must know:

Ask Questions

First of all, you want to ask the right questions. Shaving is a very intimate act, it’s an expression of self-care and self-love, so if you have the opportunity to shave an elderly man, you must use your hands through their eyes.

Hence, you want to start by asking the senior man how he likes to shave. Such little details as which part of the face or neck to start with, how to work around sideburns, and the most frail part of their skin are some of the things that you must pay attention to.

Choose a Razor To Shave Properly

All thanks to technological advancement which has made available a plethora of choices of shaving razors for the disabled. These are categorized as either electric razors or safety razors.

  • Using an electric razor reduces the risk of cuts and nicks, you should consider the health status of the senior man before choosing either a safety razor or an electric razor. An elderly man on medications and chances of extended bleeding from cuts should stick to using electric razors.
  • Although for people who have used straight razors all their lives, a sudden flip could be disturbing, if your loved one insists on having a straight razor shave, you must help him to an expert either at a barbershop or invite the professional over.

What do I Need to Prepare before Shaving?

Preparing beforehand is very important because it makes the process seamless and fast. Here are the things you should prepare first:

pre shave preparation

A room with adequate lighting is a good way to start for maximum coverage. You can ask the elderly man to sit up either in a chair or on their bed. If he intends to stay in bed, you need to prop their heads.

Also, you want to put together all the necessary equipment and keep them handy. Collect a mirror, a clean and sharp safety razor, shaving cream, towel or wipes, disposable gloves, and a bowl of warm water.

How to Shave an elderly Man [With Safety Razor and Electric Razor]

A bad shave is worse than no shave at all- a bad shave is totally unacceptable, hence to achieve a clean and satisfactory shave, you must observe the following procedures:

How to Shave With a Safety Razor

Using a safety razor requires a lot of care and attention, here are step by step instructions to guide you from start to finish:

How to Shave an Elderly
  • Put a towel/cloth around his body to keep the water from splashing. Then go ahead and give his face a clean wash with warm water to irrigate the skin and soften the hair.
  • Then apply shaving cream.
  • Get started by sticking to the direction of his hair growth to avoid skin irritation and ingrown hair. Shave with little strokes and avoid moving the razor along the face for too long at a stretch.
  • Be gentle around the mouth, nose, chin, adam’s apple, and areas of loose skin. Jowls are symbols of a well-lived life, but scars along the jowls do not make a very motivating storyline, so keep it gentle to avoid nicks and cuts, and don’t forget to ask the elderly man’s opinion per time.
  • Rinse the blade and clean off hair after every few strokes.
  • Clean off the lather with a moist cloth after shaving and dry up the face with a clean cloth.
  • A good shave is a clean and shimmering shave, so don’t forget to apply an aftershave cream or your preferred essential oil to give a dashing look of good feelings and moisture.

How to Shave an Elderly Man with Electric Razor

While handling an electric razor comes easy to most people and reduces shaving hazards, it’s best you know what step to take after the other.

Although dry shaving is a common practice while using electric razor, wet shaving also possible if your shaver is water protected. To give a senior citizen a clean dry shave using an electric razor, follow these procedures:

electric razor for elderly men
  • Keep the face clean and dry by washing the face with a wet towel, after which you must towel dry the face again. You can alternate this process for an electric shaver product that helps with cleaning the skin.
  • Asking the right questions never grows out of style, hence you must ask the elderly man if he has any preferred shaving methods and what he is comfortable with.
  • Shave in forward and backward motions. If your shaver uses a rotary, then move in circular motions around the parts you are shaving.
  • Apply an aftershave cream or any soothing moisturizer based on the man’s preference.
  • Clean up the shaver according to the user instructions.

Note: With electric razors, you do not need water and very often you can do without a shaving cream too.

How to Shave with an Electric Razor without Irritation [Safety Tips – Step by Step]

One can never be too careful, hence some extra points to help you stay on top of the shaving game. Even the elderly man will commend you. So;

  1. Ensure your shaving razor is in good condition. Only use a sharp and rust-free shaver to shave time and your loved one’s face.
  2. Keep the wet washcloth at arm’s length from the electric shaver.
  3. You need a dab of alcohol on the blade to only disinfect the blade but also to keep it rust-free.
  4. Razors are personal belongings, keep them personal and do not share with others.
  5. Ensure your electric shaver is well charged or connected to a strong power supply. Insufficient power could result in ingrown hair as the shaver pulls and tries to yank its way through the hair.


When shaving the elderly man, do not make him feel like an invalid or an inconvenience. It could be an opportunity to learn about life from another view and create a bond with him. Sunset should never be overwhelming because it means a full circle well-spent and it’s time to reflect. Essentially, enjoy your shaving time with your loved ones as you would the view of the sunset.