What Is Double Edge Razor? [Know the Benefits]

The essence of shaving is to have a close, clean and smooth shave without irritation and bumps. However, one of those things that make those above possible is a perfect and sharp razor. 

Notwithstanding, DE or double edge razor is one of the perfect razors that can give you all the features mentioned. Now, the question is, what is a DE razor?

double edge safety razor

A double-edge razor, also known as a safety or dual head razor, is a razor that uses a double-edged blade and it’s made with a handle and head. You can use both sides of the blade to shave.

Single Edge vs. Double Edge Razor

single edge blade vs double edge blade

What you need to know is that either using a single-edge or double-edge razor, you can have a close, clean and smooth shave, but there are some slight differences in their features and components.

The differences determine individuals’ choices. However, some of them are these:

  • Single-edge razors use a stiffer and heavier blade, while double-edge razor blades are lighter and flexible.
  • Single-edge razor blades are more expensive and durable, while DE razors are cheaper and can be broken easily. 
  • You can only use one edge shave with a single-edge razor, while you use two edge sides with a double-edge razor.
  • DE razor can also be called dual or safety razor, while single edge razor can be called a straight razor.

However, far beyond the aforementioned, there are some other differences between both razors. Notwithstanding, what matters is that both are perfect razors to be used.

Are Double-Edge Safety Razor Better?

Absolutely yes, a double edge safety razor is perfect for shaving. You can have a close, clean and smooth shaving after using it. Most people prefer using it compared to a single-edge razor just because it can be switched anytime.

Moreover, its blades are cheaper and can last long to some reasonable extent. You can also access hard-to-reach areas while shaving with a double edge razor. Most importantly, you will have less skin irritation, shave bumps, and ingrown hairs while shaving with double-edge razors. However, below are some benefits of a double-edge safety razor.

Benefits of Double-Edge Safety Razor

Double-edge razor is an outstanding razor that is perfect for your shaving, though the SE razor is also incredible. However, most people prefer shaving with a Double edge razor for several reasons. These are some of them.

  • It gives a clean and close shave

Double edge razor is reliable to give you a clean and close shave if you’re a kind that is so desperate about that. Many people using DE razors give good reviews. Some are even convenient with the way it’s designed. What matters if you’re using a DE razor is to know the techniques of using it; once that is done, you always have a close shave.

  • It’s lightweight

The weight of the DE razor can perfectly fit your hand comfortably; you don’t have to be burdened when shaving. It also gives you the advantage of controlling the razor easily when shaving.

  • It’s affordable

You can easily get a double-edge razor at an affordable price. More to that, the affordability doesn’t reduce its quality.

  • It’s durable

Another benefit of double edge razor is durability. You can use it for an extended period of time without getting spoiled or damaged. What you have to do is to be replacing the blades.

  • It’s switchable

One of the major things that give double-edge razors an advantage over other razors is the ability to be switched. You can change the blade’s position as you shave if one side is not shaving well.

shaving with a double edge safety razor


How Long Do Double-Edge Razors Last?

A quality double-edge razor can last a lifetime if proper care and maintenance are done. Mostly, stainless steel double-edge razors are more durable than some other DE razor materials. However, if you want to prevent your DE razor from rusting and damage, make sure you clean and dry it after use.

Moreover, you must also make sure that you change your blade often, at least 5-7 shaves. That’s because your blade can harbor bacteria from maintenance through washing and cleansing. Therefore, once you have used a blade for 5-7 shaves, try to change it to prevent unnecessary bumps and infection.

Are All Double-Edge Razor Blades The Same?

As there are several DE razor blade models, so also there are several manufacturers. However, the dimension of all double edge razor blades are same. Blade from one manufacturer will fit another brand without any problem.

What differentiates them is the quality and effectiveness of the blades they produce. Nonetheless, all DE razor blades might feature the same similarities, size, and weight, but two main features differentiate them.

01. Sharpness

Some DE razors are sharper than the others, though no blade is dull. However, if you want to buy any blade for your razor, check the specs of the blade.

02. Coating

Some manufacturers coat their blades to help them glide over the skin easily and to prolong the lifespan of the blade. You should also check the coating before buying.

Are Double-Edge Razors Better Than Cartridge?

Research has proven that most people prefer double-edge razors over cartridges for several reasons. Some of them are these:

  • It costs less

You spend almost ten times the money you can use to go double edge razor on cartridge razor. This has been the occurrence for over a decade.

  • You get a much closer shave

DE razor is believed to give you a better closer shave than a cartridge razor. Moreover, you can find the right blade suitable for your hair and skin type with a DE razor.

  • You get less irritation

You get less irritation shaving with DE razor compared to cartridge razor, which might not work well due to a clog-up multitude of blades.

Final verdict

After you have gone through this article, you should be able to decide if double edge razor is a suitable razor for you. If yes, you can get one at an affordable price. However, ensure you go for the one made with strong and durable material.

Moreover, make sure you get proper maintenance to your razor by washing and cleaning it after use and keeping it in a cool, dry place.

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