Will Shaving Cream Explode On A Plane? [Know The Basics]

Shaving cream or shaving gel is an unavoidable items in mans grooming. Earlier it is only used in case of wet shaving by manual razor but nowadays many people use shaving cream with electric shaver due to availability of water resistance electric razor.

Beside that, an airplane is important in our society today as it promotes economic growth and development. It also facilitates the national, regional, and international movement of people. Compared to other means of transportation, an airplane reduces distances by minimizing the travel time

can you bring shaving cream on a plane

In the same way, countless lives have been lost as a result of plane crashes among other vulnerable. Occasionally, the causes of a plane crash are little mistakes or nonchalant attitudes of either the pilot, the passengers, or the security administration. Among these is an explosion caused by some belongings of the passengers

Here, you will understand items that can cause an explosion on a plane and if you can bring shaving cream on a plane.

What May Causes Explosion on a Plane 

An explosion doesn’t just occur on a plane, there are many things responsible for it. Most times, products transported by passengers can be the cause of the explosion. Though these products may seem harmless, they can be very dangerous. 

High pressure difference between inside and outside of a closed container is the main reason of explosion. Rise in temperature could accelerate the difference of pressure. When a plane goes high, sometimes pressure may drops significantly. This drop in pressure inside of plane and high pressure inside the aerosol type spray could lead to an explosion.

That’s why the security administration embarked on the thorough screening of baggage items, including hand luggage and hold luggage to fetch out explosives and other dangerous items

These products are vulnerable to a plane as they can easily explode and cause a plane to crash. Lithium batteries, cell phone batteries, laptop batteries, dry ice, aerosol whipped cream, and so on.

Apart from items or products which are carried out by passengers, responsible for the explosion; an explosion can also occur when the fuel left in the fuel tanks is mixed with oxygen in the air in the right ratio and ignited by running engines

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Will Shaving Cream Explode On A Plane? 

Maybe you want to travel by airplane and you’re contemplating if shaving cream is allowed on the plane in case you want to move along with yours. The fact is, shaving cream is allowed on a plane but since shaving cream counts as a liquid, TSA stated it should be in containers smaller than 3.4 ounces in a carry on bag to prevent explosion

The risk of shaving cream exploding is sure. Most especially, aerosol shaving cream. The pressure inside the cabin of the aircraft is high and if the liquid in the can warm, the carbon dioxide is pressurized and will eventually cause the can to explode aggressively

Shaving Cream Explode in Microwave Oven

There are various types of shaving cream, these are: cream, gel, foam, soap, and so on

Shaving Cream 

A cream can either be aerosol or non-aerosol. Non-aerosol shaving cream is not liable to explode as aerosol shaving cream. Though, you can travel with either of the two but make sure you follow the rules of TSA for safety

Shaving Gel

Like shaving cream, shaving gel can also be aerosol or non-aerosol. The slight difference is that shaving gels are clear and lightweight while shaving cream is an airy texture. Shaving gels can also explode if you don’t follow the rule of the TSA

Shaving Foam

Shaving foam helps to soften and lubricate hair to make shaving easier but not like shaving cream. Shaving foam is majorly for pure convenience issues. Notwithstanding, shaving foam can also explode

Shaving Soap

The majority prefer using shaving soap because it offers extra glide, lubrication, and protection to the skin. Also, the possibility of soap explosion is low

Rules For Carrying Shaving Cream On Plane

To ensure safety, TSA made restrictions around traveling with liquid. Which, shaving cream, shaving foam, shaving gel, and shaving soap are considered to be part. The restriction is not to ban you from carrying shaving cream on airplanes but to limit the quantities of shaving cream in your carry on bag 

According to TSA, you must not take anything more than 3.4 oz /100ml in a single container, parked in a quart size bag to prevent the risk of an explosion

Is Shaving Cream Allowed In Checked Baggage?

Shaving cream is allowed in checked baggage but not the same rule applies to check luggage and carry-on luggage. You can bring full-size shaving cream inside your checked suitcase. Though there is a restriction to that by FAA

Since shaving cream is classified as a toiletry, the FAA allows you to have up to 2 kg (70 ounces) in your checked luggage, each container should not exceed 0.5 kg ( 18 ounces) or 500ml (17 fluid ounces)

Can You Take Shaving Cream on Carry On Luggage?

Not as checked luggage, carry-on luggage is under strict restriction by TSA. This is because the temperature in the cabin can be high which may put the cream at risk of explosion

Therefore, TSA ensures that to bring shaving cream in carry on bag, the container shouldn’t be more than 3.4 oz / 100 ml or else, it would not be allowed 

Gillette shaving cream travel size

How To Pack Shaving Cream In Checked/ Carry On Luggage?

You don’t just drop your shaving cream inside your luggage anyhow, it must be fully packed, organized, and clean. In addition, smart planning and packing are required for compliance with TSA security

In this case, you can park all your toiletries inside a toiletry bag before putting it in your carry-on luggage. Make sure the toiletry bag is waterproof and it’s easily accessible.

Shaving cream

Since the maximum shaving cream you can carry in your luggage is 3.4 oz / 100ml, make sure you put it inside a toiletry bag first for security purposes. Most especially, aerosol shaving cream

Shaving gels

Like shaving cream, aerosol shaving gel must be properly parked. You need to make sure it doesn’t leak or spill and it’s well organized in your toiletry waterproof bag 

Shaving foam

Shaving foam is made with a pressurized can and it must be kept in your toiletry bag before putting it in the luggage also

Shaving oils

Shaving oils are highly flammable if it’s exposed to high temperatures. Therefore, make it safe in your toiletry bag and ensure it doesn’t leak

Shaving soap

Make sure your shaving soap is well covered before putting it in your toiletry bag. The same thing to liquid soap


Now that you understand that you can carry your shaving cream along with your belongings on a plane, you don’t need to stress and spend time having to go shopping when you arrived at your destination

All you have to do is to make sure you follow all the rules given by TSA and FAA regarding the movement of toiletry products and you’ll be relieved from worries

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