Are Electric Razors Better for Sensitive Skin? [Some Interesting Facts]

The popularity of electric razors is growing day by day due to their multiple functions and advantages. Many people have started using electric razors instead of manual razors as it is comfortable and takes less time to shave. So, If you are someone who is thinking of using an electric razor, you may ask, are electric razors better for sensitive skin

electric razor for sensitive skin

The answer is yes. It’s all a matter of trying which one suits you best, but for sensitive skin, electric razors are better. Manual razors usually cause more damage to the skin even when you use foams or gels to protect it. So electric razors are a better option for sensitive skin. 

Let’s dig into more details.

Are Electric Shavers Better For Sensitive Skin?

In general, shaving with an electric razor is usually less invasive to the skin because it does not cause any cuts or razor burns.

One of the questions people often ask is can electric shavers cut you off? Well, Shaving with an electric razor is a quick procedure where it is practically impossible to cut or hurt yourself.

However, if you have sensitive skin, you may experience skin irritation by shaving with an electric razor. To avoid electric razor irritation, you should always take care of the skin after shaving with certain products or moisturizing creams.

Qualities Of A Shaver Suitable For Sensitive Skin

Shaving can be a painful experience when you have sensitive skin because not all machine blades have protective barriers or they are not hypoallergenic, which can wreak havoc on your skin. In this case, you have to keep a few things in mind before shaving. Here are some qualities of shavers for sensitive skin that you should consider.

1. Protective and hypoallergenic blades

You may be surprised to see this at first, but for sensitive skin, it is important to consider protective and hypoallergenic blades. This allows you to have a close shave without fear of irritation and rashes due to the edges of the blade which protects the skin from being pulled and cut.

2. Sharp Blades

Before shaving, you should see whether your shaving blade is sharp enough or it is already in dull condition. Sharp blades are one of the most key elements of shaving as it allows you to cut your hair thoroughly, and effectively without facing any barriers.

Foil shaver for sensitive skin

3. Faster and smooth

Try getting an electric razor that has a more powerful motor as it allows you to shave faster and save a lot of time. Some electric razors are heavy and make noise which can cause problems in your shaving. So you should use a razor that is easily controllable and smooth.

4. A shaving head that stays cool during the operation

Many shaving heads get hot when shaving due to contention between the blade and the foil which can make your shaving painful and annoying. So consider getting a razor that does not get hot and does not make any discomfort. There are many skin safe electric razors available on the market that stay cool during the shaving procedure.

Rotary Vs Foil Shavers For Sensitive Skin

Rotary or foil shaver? Which are the best electric shavers? These are the kind of questions that many people ask themselves before using a shaver.

Although it will always depend on the shaver model you choose, both shaving systems have their pros and cons. Depending on the type of beard you have, and the frequency with which you usually shave certain areas of the face or neck, either of the systems can suit you better.

Rotary shavers are characterized by their rounded heads where the blades are located, which cut the hair through a rotating movement.

The blades are given different holes and slots which allow them to capture different types of hair. So, if you have a tough beard and sensitive skin, you can try a rotary shaver to see whether it works for you.

Rotary Vs Foil Shavers For Sensitive Skin

Foil shavers have a perforated metal foil that protects the skin and has a blade underneath which, through linear movement, cuts the ingrown hair very closely and smoothest the shave.

Most people use foil shavers for sensitive skin because it has a slight advantage over smooth and deep shaves compared to rotary shavers. 

So we think having a foil shave is a safer choice for sensitive skin. However, you can always choose what works for you. 

You can also try manual shaving. Anyway, when it comes to electric razors vs manual, our choice is electric razors.

Electric Shaver Alternatives

If you have no desire to use an electric razor, there are several blades for you as an alternative. One of these is the disposable blade.

Over time, the disposable blade has become razors where four of the blades are stacked together. This allows each blade to come in contact with the skin and provide a clean shave. However, In many cases, it can cause skin irritation.

safety razor for sensitive skin

Another alternative is a straight razor. It is a single steel blade attached to a handle and has a sharp head. Shaving with this blade requires your full attention and a few days of practice. In addition, you need to use shaving cream or lotion regularly.

4 Important Tips For Shaving With Sensitive Skin

If you notice that your skin is tight, sore, itchy, or you see burning after shaving, your skin may have a problem with sensitivity. If you experience these sensations every time you shave, there is a good chance that you are suffering from sensitive skin, so these tips will come in handy.

1. No need to vary your shaving steps 

Sensitive skin must be shaved correctly. To do this, it is advisable to follow the basic steps of the classic affected: clean your face, moisturize it, apply shaving foam, proceed to shave, apply post-shave lotion, or After Shave. Skipping any of these steps can be counterproductive. So we recommend that you carry them out despite the consequences.

2. Use the blade or razor gently

Many men have the habit of exerting too much pressure from the blade or razor on the skin when shaving. Taking into account that these elements are quite aggressive. Because they contain very sharp and cutting material and this practice is not very effective if you have sensitive skin. You can also use a bump free electric shaver in order to avoid any bump on your face. 

3. Hydration is much more important than it seems

Hydration is fundamental for anyone. Our skin needs a good level of hydration to stay healthy. Many of the dermatological problems that exist are due to different skin hydration problems. Therefore, those who suffer from sensitive skin should place more emphasis on skin hydration.

Also, when it comes to shaving, an argument may arise between electric shaver vs. blade. In that case, it is better to check which one suits you best considering some facts.

4. Make sure your electric shaver is in good condition

Opting for quality materials is one of the fundamental steps for achieving an optimal shave. In addition, taking care of the shaving tools also has a fundamental role in the result of your shave. Always keep your shaving tools clean and make sure your electric shaver is properly charged before shaving. 


This is all about what we have to share with you. Hopefully, this in-depth article will let you have your most suitable razor in the future.

Hence, when you have sensitive skin, you may wonder ‘are electric razors better for sensitive skin?’

And yes, an electric razor is very effective for sensitive skin. You can get your desired look after shaving with an electric razor. But don’t forget to choose the best one. Otherwise, you may end with the worst experience.

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